Feb 17, 2013

Freebies Background Kit - Black & White

Click HERE to download New Freebies Background Kit - Black & White from Friendly Scrap. And see other Vintage Freebies. Enjoy!
Please, leave a comment.
File Info: ZIP file 300 .dpi


iamagirldork said...

Beautiful as always!

Iris said...

I am sorry people are stealing you work! I am so thankful for all the free scrapbooking kits!


Av said...

Many thanks :)

Michelle said...

I just read your post and I'm totally disgusted at what that person is doing with your files. Is there anything that we, (your followers) can do about this to help you?

I love your site and your fabulous freebies and how people can steal your work and sell them as theirs really makes me angry.

I tried to download this file but was requested to register my phone number and pay £3.00 a week. The first 5 days are offered as free for the Gold downlaod then after that it takes the payments. Unfortunately I'm not in a position to do this at the minute but I have loved any of your designs that I was able to download in the past so thank you very much.

Michelle E xx

Paula said...

These are WONDERFUL! Thank you for giving so kindly your freebies. There must be something that can be done to stop one(s) for thinking the can sell someone else's creations which are freely given and why would someone pay that person for them in that case is the real shame!
God Bless you in your efforts! ~ Paula